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Color Trends 2023

The choice of colors in our interior, accessories and home decorations determines the look and feel of our home. It's nice to occasionally replace some accessories such as a rug and bring a new touch of color into your interior.

Be inspired by this latest color trends for 2023.

Ochre, a newcomer in our collections

Ochre is the colour of gold and the setting sun. This warm color brings us energy, happiness and self-confidence. No wonder this color is booming in our collections of rugs and runners. Ochre is easy to combine with neutral colors such as white, gray and black, but is also an ideal match with brown, green and purple tones.

green - color trends 2023

Green brings rest and nature into the home

Over the past two years, we have rediscovered nature and that will continue to the interior trends in 2023. Green represents renewal, balance and harmony. This colour brings us vibrancy and a sense of connection with nature.

brown - color trends 2023

Brown, one with nature and earth

When appreciating nature and the earth, in addition to the green tones, all shades of brown are also included. Shades of brown give us a sense of warmth and security. Both our BCF polypropylene rugs and our double-sided textured outdoor rugs and runners often feature brown, beige and earth tones.

red - color trends 2023

Red for passion and a warm feeling

Red shades also remain popular. They continue to give us a feeling of warmth and fervor. The wine red color is still very popular in the oriental motifs. But it remains a hit in the other collections as well. Especially in combination with ecru and mocha shades, red scores well. But red also works well in combination with dark brown, olive green and black.

pink - color trends 2023

Pink shows up in the interior

Pink has been a fashion hit for several seasons and this trend is now continuing in the interior as well. Especially the old pink, which is not a very pronounced color, combines perfectly with many other colors and different living styles. The soft, playful color represents relaxation and calmness.

purple - color trends 2023

Purple for a warm touch 

More bold and eye-catching than pink is purple. Purple is a fairly dominant color and works very well in combination with shades of green. Use purple in a subtle way in your interior without becoming too overpowering. Purple is ideal as an accent color in a rug or runner. This color brings a warm atmosphere to the interior.

blue - color trends 2023

Blue, soothing and fresh

Blue tones, often in combination with white or light grey, do perfectly in sleek and modern interiors. Blue, which is seen as a rather colder color, brings peace and tranquility. Do you like blue, but prefer a warmer touch? Then go for a dark variant and combine with burgundy or ochre. A blue carpet will certainly be a successful eye-catcher in your interior.

black and white - color trends 2023

Black and white, reliable and timeless

What will never go out of fashion is the combination of black and white in a sleek or modern interior. This timeless combination continues to score well. We could call this color combination impartial and neutral. Black and white exude class and style. This combination remains a winner in both indoor and outdoor carpets and runners.

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