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Color Trends 2024

The choice of colors in our interior, accessories and home decorations determines the look and feel of our home. It's nice to occasionally replace some accessories such as a rug and bring a new touch of color into your interior.

As with interior iunterior trends, we see with the color trends that 2024 is an extension of 2023 . Many trends will continue or become a bit more prominent.

Terracotta & Cool blue

trend_terracotta and cool blue.png

Terracotta and rust brown have been gaining considerable ground in interior design in recent years. This color combines surprisingly well with blue tones. We also see "pink terracotta" appearing up more and more, this color is combined with black, green, wood and beige.

Powdery pink

trend_powdery pink.png

'Dirty pink' has been a trending color within the fashion world for several years, but is also gaining ground in interior design. Not only in baby and children's rooms but also in the living room, kitchen and bathroom, this color is used for accessories, wallpaper, carpets and even furniture. This soft pink matches perfectly with other soft pastel shades such as pastel green and nude. But dirty pink also scores well in combination with all shades of gray!

Peach & Peche

trend_peach and peche.png

A newer trend color and a variant of dirty pink is the color of peaches. According to some sources, this will be the trend color of spring 2024. Peach deviates just enough from the "feminine pink" to be perfectly integrated into the living room without strange looks. This color brings sunshine into the home and pairs beautifully with grays and blues. Or venture a little further and combine with lilac accents. Prefer something more cool? Then go for a combination with dark brown or black.

All shades of green

trend_shades of green.png

Also in 2024, green, in all its shades, will be an indispensable part of the color trends. Green is timeless and brings a touch of nature into your home. From the bold pine green, to the luxurious emerald green, to the soothing moss green or vibrant lime green... All shades are good to enhance the feeling of ecology and sustainability. Green combines well with all other forest shades such as beige, brown, terracotta, rust brown and ocher yellow, orange and warm red. In short, all the colors of autumn!

Pale blue & Matt silver

trend_pale blue.png

Are you not so into all those rather dark or warm tones in your home after all? Are you looking for a lighter and more modern look? Then this trend color is definitely for you. Light blue, metallic gray-blue, matte silver and brushed steel stand for freshness and airiness. Here you can, as it were, breathe in the fresh air. Combine with beige for a beach look or with soft gray and metallic elements for a more chic look.

Lilac & Mauve

trend_lilac and mauve.png

Both mauve and powdery lilac are interior design toppers. After a long struggle, these shades have won over the fashion and interior design world. These colors are mainly used as an accent color in a soft interior. That is why you will mainly find them in home accessories, fabrics and carpets. They perfectly combine with beige, brown, terracotta, orange and black. Lilac and mauve radiate a certain sweetness and comfort.

Warm red

trend_warm red.png

Warm red is also a big color trend in 2024. Wine red or burgundy gives your home a warm and chic look as well as a sense of security. Wine red combines seamlessly with all shades of beige and gray. In combination with white you create a contemporary and modern, yet very warm look. In the interior warm red is certainly not a 'stop color' but even gives an inviting effect.

Natural tones

trend_natural tones.png

Nature tones definitely remain at the top of the list of trend colors in 2024. The outdoor experience that got a boost after the pandemic is reflected in the preference for nature colors. Beige, brown, taupe, off-white and earth tones give us a calming feeling and strengthen the connection with nature. Moreover, they are the ideal base to combine with other warm colors such as orange and red. 
A combination with different textures and natural materials completes this style!

Black & White

trend_black and white.png

Of course, we cannot forget the timeless white and black. Because we cannot repeat enough how stylish and contemporary this combination is. Black and white always score, under any form. Are you a fan but also love some color? Then just add some color accents in your favorite color, you can't go wrong.

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