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Interior Trends 2023

Over the past two years, we have been indoors more than ever, blurring the line between work and home. Consequently, we started paying more attention to the interior design of our living spaces.
The trends in 2023 are a direct result of this. We list some of them here for you.

Round and organic shapes - interior trends 2023

Round and organic shapes

As long as the outside world remains ominous due to viruses, war, inflate and climate threat, we look for a safe nest at home. Round shapes give us a sense of safety and security.
We notice this in the increasing sales of round carpets but also in the success of designs with round, flowing shapes and lines.

Natural elements - interior trends 2023

Natural elements and floral prints

We need fresh air and freedom more than ever. This has also made us appreciate nature more. This is reflected in our interiors. We increasingly looking for colors from nature. Ranging from green to brown, brown red and ochre. Also in the designs and prints we notice a booming of plants and flowers.

Seventies - interior trends 2023

Revival of the seventies

We all got a little nostalgic. We therefore notice a revival of trends from the '60s and '70s. In our interior we often use vintage furniture and fabrics. In carpets, this manifests itself in typical seventies prints and brown tones. These prints are often also worked out in other colors.

Minimalism - interior trends 2023


Another trend that we notice is that we often slow down. In this hectic society and overload of stimuli, we look for peace and simplicity at home. And we crave slow living. Therefore, people often choose a sleek and modern interior, with the basic principle of 'less is more'. Simple geometric prints and tone-on-tone designs are appropriate here.

Mix and match - interior trends 2023

Mix and match and contrasts

Completely opposite the previous trend is maximalism. Some people manifest by resolutely opting for fun, mix and match and striking prints. Large and eye-catching prints, mosaics and colors are preferred by this group of people.

Oriental - interior trends 2023

Oriental in new colors

In the rugs and runners, there remains a continuing great fondness for the typical oriental and oriental-inspired motifs. It is striking that these are increasingly ordered in other, new and fresher color combinations. We see an increase in light colors and pastel shades. These can be perfectly combined with a sleek and modern interior.

black and white - interior trends 2023

Timeless black and white

And last but not least, the black and white combination remains a timeless hit. This combination does well in modern and sleek interiors. The black and white combinations and all shades of gray in between are also a hit for outdoor rugs and runners.

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