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Interior Trends 2024

Many 2023 interior trends will continue into 2024. The focus remains on comfort, warmth and durability. We would like to summarize the most important ones for you.

Curved lines & Organic shapes

trend_curved lines.png

Round lines and shapes were already a trend last year. This year, we're going one step further and you'll also find organic shapes, for example on table tops and rugs. Even sofas are no longer straight and sleek, but rounded. And prints in home accessories and wallpaper can have a few twists and turns. This trend refers to comfort and creates a soft, dreamy interior. We've developed a new line of organically shaped rugs especially for this trend.

Modern seventies

trend_modern seventies.png

'70s influences have been a trend for a few years now. The retro brown is refreshed with fresh pastel shades, but also with other brighter colors such as ochre yellow, orange or blue. This is how stylists and designers give a modern touch to the retro look. Don't like color in your interior? The retro motifs in black and white also do great in our collections. The nod to the seventies can be found in the furniture, wallpaper, curtains, carpets and home accessories.

Sustainable living

trend_sustainable living.png

Of course, sustainability also remains a not-to-be-forgotten factor in our living style. We are happy to give second-hand furniture a second life by refurbishing it and combining it with new home accessories. Choose a durable rug in the colors of your furniture or home accessories and be amazed at the contemporary look you create. Let your inspiration run wild and combine all kinds of recycled pots, vases and materials for your accessories. Often chosen for this style is a rug with plant design or natural tones often with a "worn look.

Outdoor feelings

trend_outdoor feelings.png

This trend fits seamlessly with the trend of sustainability. We consciously bring elements of nature into our homes to increase the feeling of sustainability and ecology. The (re)discovery of nature during the Corona pandemic has not let us go. Plant and floral designs are becoming increasingly popular in our interiors. This theme also features extensively in our carpet collections.

Classic color chic

trend_classic color chic.png

The cool modern interior is increasingly making way for warm colors and materials. Colors such as wine red, deep night blue, dark mahogany and walnut bring warmth into the home. Combining different fabrics and textures also provides a luxurious appearance. A somewhat classic atmosphere is created to give the interior more soul and coziness.

Mix of patterns and textures

trend_mix patterns.png

Following the trend of color chic is the trend of textures and patterns. In the weave of our carpets, this trend translates into the application of different textures and the weaving of complicated and striking patterns. In this way, the carpet also contributes to the luxurious look of the interior.

Italian marble

trend_italian marble.png

Even the influences of Italian marble, which we now often see in prints for pillows, curtains and wallpaper, refer to the luxurious look. We dare to call our marble prints, which are generally woven tone-on-tone, very successful. These subtle prints match perfectly in any kind of interior or outside on the terrace, because we also have some beautiful marble designs in our double-sided and weather-resistant Brussels Weave collection!

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