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What our vision is...

Every day, we strive to create a profitable business model without losing our authentic style. Our focus is always on helping customers with a personal touch. Therefore, our ultimate goal is not to be the biggest in the market, but to be the best at what we do.

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What we do...

Polypropylene carpets

With 8 different lines of carpets, we can offer a large collection of polypropylene carpets, without losing the local family values that characterize our company. In fact, the most important activities relating to the production of our carpets and rugs take place within our company. Not only the design, but also the weaving, the finishing and the packaging are all done in our production department in Belgium.



Having our own design office, we can guarantee that our product lines are renewed and adapted to the latest trends every year. The creative employees within this department provide us with beautiful new designs time and time again. They not only take into account classic, but also modern interiors. The production departments are also characterized by professionalism. Carpets and rugs are produced to order. They can be provided with a personalized label and display on the packaging if required. Our products comply with the latest regulations.

Quality and Professionalism

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Our values

Vanhoutte Carpets puts several important values first. Of course, our focus is always the relationship with our clients and our employees. Nowadays, however, we also focus on innovation and the environment.

First of all , we attach great value to our customer-oriented focus. We are always looking for long-term relationships, encouraging contact between our management and our regular customers. Good communication is essential to us, even to the point that we use customer feedback when creating our collections. In doing so, we never lose sight of our own specific knowledge and identity. To enhance this communication, we are currently working on a digital catalogue in which customers will be able to navigate easily through our extensive collection.

Secondly, our employees need to be treated correctly. To meet this requirement, we follow the ETI Base Code. This way, we have managed to assemble a motivated team.

Thirdly, we also focus on innovation. We always use the latest technologies in production. By investing in the newest machines, we can make our staff work as ergonomically as possible. We are also building a new showroom, new offices and a new digital catalogue to serve our customers even better.

Finally, we do not only talk about the environment, but actively contribute to it. For example, we can supply approximately 50% of our own energy by means of our solar panels. In addition, we also apply strict recycling rules.

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