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Our story

Step into the story of Vanhoutte Carpets.

Vanhoutte Carpets

is a vibrant company, situated in the heart of the Belgian carpet industry. 

Right from the start, our company has distinguished itself with its high quality standards, consistent use of excellent materials and customer-oriented policy. Enjoying an international reputation, the company always follows the latest trends, both in terms of production and of design.

Who we are

Our history

Vanhoutte Carpets was founded in 1977 by Luc Vanhoutte and Rosine De Winter as a Belgian family business. During this initial period, we operated as home weavers. After the arrival of the second generation around 1996, the company shifted to selling its own collections. Today, the company is run by Thierry Vanhoutte and Fanny David. In the meantime, the company has expanded into a producer of machine-woven carpets and rugs with various collections.

Collection: BCF Polypropylene carpets & outdoor carpets

We are known as a leading company in the production of BCF polypropylene carpets. Recently, our focus has also shifted to the production of our newest quality called BRUSSELS WEAVE. These are double-sided textured rugs that can be laid both indoors and outdoors. The specific focus on these two types of carpets and rugs ensures that the company can always deliver quality.

Nowadays, it is important to be able to navigate. That is why Vanhoutte Carpets is not only located in the heart of the Belgian carpet industry, but also has a strong reputation all over the world. Our specific export knowledge ensures that we can understand and interpret global trends.

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Our Collections


News & Trends

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Vanhoutte Carpets

Professional, authentic & customer oriented...

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